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water and effluence, ceramic sculpture by artist Jeff Krueger
American Dansk

Water and our effluence have been central themes in my work for many years, predating the installation, Near to the Wild Heart, with its references to Joyce and the glories of consciousness that stem from being a bedwetter. This decanter was designed after the water pitcher designed by Ursula Kanke for Royal Copenhagen. A classic modern Nordic design, which I thought could be updated.
Designed in 2002, I was happy to discover that now in 2021, the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico, has a longterm goal of processing all the city's waste water to potable water within 30 years. The water then be distributed back into the Rio Grande, this part of their water conservation efforts. Acknowledging this obvious reality, that our effluence begets our water, our world, is what this work was about in the first place.