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ceramic sculpture by Jeff Krueger
Baptismal For the Death Star with Sentinels
Midrange Ceramic and Midrange Ceramic with Enamel

This baptismal began as an enlargement of a balloon floating in the sky taken from 'Sky for Sky' ink and water color on paper, 2016. In time it appeared to be a baptismal font. I had recently been engaged as a designer to make a baptismal for a church in New England, and so this must have been on my mind. The shape of this unit particular similar to the android in the newer Star Wars movies. Sorry I don't know its name. My sad thought is that when we do produce our own Death Star, we will probably need to outfit it with a Baptismal for those born in space. The service men and women may be court-marshaled, but the children will need to be baptized. A rather bleak notion fully realized, yet isn't in some ways what this epic series is about, a critique of our own societal instincts and the contradictions in them, we are both the rebels and the Empire.